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[ Will Kanda ever use something beyond text and voice? WHO KNOWS. He's a little breathless, very likely from fighting the new horde of zombies that have come to encroach on underground his home, but when he speaks? When he speaks, there's not a hint of irritation or exhaustion, rather the exact opposite of it.

There's definitely groaning off in the distance as more slowly make their way toward him, but he has a moment. ]

Fear, is this honestly the best you have? [ There's a smirk in his voice as he's definitely grinning widely off screen. ] You know, when someone poses a challenge, you ought to actually step up your game.

This is still weak.
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You too, huh?

[It shouldn't come as a surprise that she isn't the only one to threaten Fear.]

Hard to consider this impressive when these things are so easily flammable. [Which is perfect if you can cause them to combust into a fiery fate.]
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Saves on ammo and other resources, too. Plus cleans up the mess.

Sort of.

[Burnt, crispy corpses littering the streets is better than rotting corpses, right?]
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Seems that Fear's misjudged half of the crowd he's dealing with. Though doubt that is the case for everyone here.

[She's seen some pretty freaked out responses on the network and streets.]
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To be fair, those who aren't physically or mentally equipped to handle this sort of situation are better off staying indoors. Keeps them out of the way.

[And from adding to the undead population out there.]
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Yes. That's why if they're cowards, then they should cower.